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Clean Porta Potties

Clean Porta Potties

Here are the only things you need to know about Maine Porta Party Rentals: 

  1. CALL US: (207) 618-9589
  2. We help you select the right type and amount of porta potties for your event or job site, and you schedule dates for delivery and removal.
  3. We deliver your porta potties, and we set them up and secure them in your designated area or areas.
  4. Afterwards, we pick them up, drive away, and it’s like the whole thing never even happened.
  5. We can work on a one-day or multi-day contract.
  6. Yes, our contract can come with servicing and cleaning!

Get started on figuring out how many portable toilets and other facilities that you require here. The number varies because of the type of job site or event, and it might also depend upon the percentage of women and kids you expect. Call us for advice at any time.

Why concern yourself with the best cheap porta pottes in Maine? Do you know what can make or break your event, festival, fair, or outdoor concert more than almost anything else? You can do everything else right, but the lack of clean and convenient restroom facility will drive your guests away faster than anything else, and that will be the one thing that they will remember and tell their friends.

Look, it’s sort of like the old saying that women have about housework. They joke that nobody ever notices how much work they do around the house unless they don’t do it. It’s really the same with restroom facilities. If you give your guests convenient access to clean and pleasant restroom facilities, they probably won’t think about it too much. But if you neglect this basic element of any large gathering, you are bound to generate some bad rep very quickly.

Types of Maine Porta Potties to Rent

When you think about porta potties, you probably visualize those closet-looking fiberglass models that get set up at festivals and fairs. We carry those, and modern models provide an attractive, fresh-smelling and affordable solution for many event planners. However, the selection of modular and mobile toilets and hygiene stations has really grown over the years, so you should not feel limited.

  • Standard Porta Potties: These are the models that you are probably used to. They are the most affordable solution, and if you need them for a job site or extended event, expect to pay $100 to $200 a month for one. Of course, daily charges work out a little higher than the daily charge for a one-momth contract.
  • VIP or Deluxe Porta Potties: These are larger than standard models, and they have a railing for easier access. We all know that standard portable restrooms can seem pretty crowded, and these give your guests a little more luxury and room to stretch out. The rail also helps handicapped or elderly guests, and you should probably book at least a few of these for a large event or an event where guests may be older or likely to be disabled.
  • Restroom Trailers: A restroom trailer provides everything that you would expect to find in a typical restroom., and the interior looks a lot more luxurious than the inside of a conventional porta potty. That includes a toilet and a sink. You can even purchase them in a variety of sizes, and this includes trailers with one stall, three stalls, or even more.
  • Hygiene stations: If you decide to order conventional porta potties, it is only classy to provide places where guests can wash their hands. These are portable sinks and hand-washing stations. We take care of hooking them up to your water supply too.
  • Showers: Yes, we can even provide portable showers in a variety of styles and sizes.

How Many Porta Potties Do You Need?

The number of porta potties that you need to rent will depend upon the size and length of your event. You should know right now that it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate. Also, if you decide to split your facilities up by gender, you need more for women for a variety of reasons.

  • Women tend to take longer.
  • Women usually also have kids with them, and they take longer.
  • Probably for very good reasons, women tend to complain more about the lack of proper facilities.
  • Don’t skimp on porta potties, and especially do not skimp on porta potties for Maine women!

Anyway, just call us with the details of your even or work site, and we will be happy to provide an estimate based upon many years of experience in the business.  We want you to be pleased with our services, and we know if we can help you as much as possible, you will pass our name on and contact us when you need a Maine porta potty rental in the future.

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Give us a call at your earliest convenience, so we can help you find the right porta potty solution at the right price. We handle everything from delivery and setup to cleaning and removals. All you need to to do is pick up the phone and call for assistance with all of your Maine porta potty, mobile restroom, and hygiene equipment needs.