No-Hassle Porta Potty Rental in Maine

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Renting portable toilets should be as straight-forward and simple as possible. Our company specializes in porta potty rental and other types of hygiene and sanitation solutions. We strive to make the whole process as hassle-free as possible.

Clean Porta Potties

Clean Porta Potties

That’s why when you place your call with us, we will ask you a couple of questions to determine how many porta potties you need for your event. After that, we will schedule the date for delivery and removal of the units. Our professionals will deliver the portable restrooms on time and install them wherever you require. Afterwards, the only thing you have to do is call us when you don’t need the porta potties anymore or if you require emergency clean up or service.

We work with all kinds of customers and can provide porta potty rental services for one or multiple days. In addition to offering different types of porta potties we also offer hand-washing stations and even portable showers.

Have a question? Unsure how many porta potties you will need for your event? Call us now at (207) 618-9589 and our professionals will answer all your concerns.

An event well-planned needs porta-potties

You can have the most amazing concert, fair, carnival or gathering you can imagine, but if you don’t take care of this basic component, it will ruin everything. We’re talking about restrooms and sanitation of course. If you don’t plan adequately to have enough well-stocked restrooms, your guests will complain, loudly!

That’s why many people choose to rent portable toilet units if they’re hosting an event. Even small gatherings will benefit from one or two porta potty units installed at the location. Hosting a private weeding reception outdoors? Then you’re probably going to need at least one portable restroom around.

When it comes to bigger events, porta-potties are mandatory. It’s important to have enough units as well because if you’re hosting over a thousand people and you only have a handful of units, lines are going to form and let’s just say that people aren’t keen on waiting in line when it comes to basic necessities.

Landscaping companies and construction crews also require portable toilets, some for several months even. In such cases you will need a company that not only provides the porta-potties but a company that provides regular cleanup and maintenance services on the units.

We have been in this business for a long time and we’ve seen it all: from smaller events like private outdoor birthdays to large events like music concerts that had over 50,000 attendees. So if you need to rent a porta-potty for your event, regardless of it’s size, we are the ones you want to call.

What kind of porta-potty stalls can you rent in Maine?

Porta potties have come a long way from the small, smelly and badly-ventilated units that were first sold in the 60s. Today there is a huge range of designs available for each customer’s need. Here are the types of portable toilets, as well as other hygiene solutions we offer for rent:

  • Standard porta-potties. These are the most basic but also the most affordable models you can rent. If you’re going to rent these for a construction site or other kind of activity that requires an extended period of time, expect to pay $100 to $200 per month, per unit. Single, one-off usage is also possible however the daily charges are slightly higher.
  • VIP porta-potties. The difference between a VIP porta-potties (also known as a deluxe unit) is that they offer more space and have rail access. These are most useful for handicapped or elderly persons. If you’re hosting a large event, then you will want at least one of these units.
  • Hand-wash basins. If you’re going to order a couple of traditional portable toilet stalls, having a place where guests can wash their hands seems like common hygiene, yet so very few do it. Don’t deprive your guests of this basic need!
  • Portable showers. Having portable showers increases comfort and job satisfaction for those who work outside for extended periods of time.

Why choose us over another porta-potty company in Maine?

There are 3 things which differentiate us from our competitors.

  1. We offer dependable service. When you place your order with us, you can be sure that we will deliver on time, without delay, whether it’s rain or snow. We have only professionals working with us so this means that our trucks are fully certified to carry portable toilets and in addition to this our company has all the necessary licenses and paper-work that qualifies us to do this kind of job.
  2. Customer-satisfaction is our priority. When you call us for the first time, we will ask you a series of questions to find out everything about your event. We do this in order to suggest an appropriate number of porta-potties. In addition to this, we offer regular cleanup and servicing of each solution that you rent from us. Have any questions or are unsure about something? We will gladly answer it before you order so you can make an informed decision.
  3. Affordable prices. We will work with your budget without cutting any corners. Our prices are fair and affordable to everyone.

Based on these three factors, we believe we are uniquely-qualified to provide you with porta-potties and other sanitation services.

Still unconvinced? Give us a call!

Call us at your earliest convenience. We have many types of porta potties and our prices are affordable. We take care of the whole process from delivery, to setup, to cleaning and removal. If you have any questions about the number of stalls you will need, we will advise you based on our expertise with similar events. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us at (207) 618-9589.

Remember: the comfort of your guests can make or break the party. Don’t skimp on something as basic as hygiene. Because if you do, your guests will always remember the worst, no matter how good your event was overall.